Yes, guys! Kingdom Hearts 3 is a mere three months away, and short of a last-minute disaster, it finally does look like the game will see the light of day. Judging by this latest trailer at least, it looks ready to be taken fresh out the oven.

Square Enix just a while ago gave fans a better glimpse on Twilight Town and its inhabitants via screenshots. However, this time, Rapunzel steals the spotlight alongside Flynn, helping Sora battle out some enemies out of the Kingdom of Corona. Not only do we hear celebrities reprising their roles, but we also get a better view to the revamped combat gameplay the game will offer.

January won't have time to breathe as two titans will face each other merely days from each other, with another beloved series making a comeback in the form of a Resident Evil 2 remake. But if you want to jump into this Disney fest before the third entry comes out, Square Enix has compiled every single entry into a bundle titled The Story So Far.