Kingdom Hearts III PS4 PlayStation 4

At this point, one might think Square Enix has already spilled a lot of beans regarding story in Kingdom Hearts III, with trailers dropping left and right since E3 2018. Yet, we veterans know that, as many trailers and images bombard our screens, the series' plot has become as convoluted as Alice's trip to Wonderland to decipher anything coherent from them.

Recently, the official Kingdom Hearts twitter account released a few screenshots reaffirming the aid of Hayner, Pence, and Olette in Sora's journey. Two other screenshots give a small insight to Ienzo's presence, with one image showing the character talking to Sora with what appears to be the game's version of smartphones.

Are you open to more Kingdom Hearts teases, or do you think Square Enix is spoiling too much? May your keyboard be your guiding key to share your thoughts down below.