MediEvil PS4 PlayStation 4

If we're to learn anything from recent times, it's that you should watch what you say online. It turns out there's always more than one way to interpret a statement, so choosing your words wisely will keep you out of most trouble. Of course, we can't stay on guard forever, and this recent tweet from someone working on MediEvil for PS4 has led to some interesting assumptions regarding the future of the franchise.

Jason Wilson is in a consultant role on the remake after leading the art and design of the original game on PSone. After officially announcing his involvement with the project, he calls the game "only the beginning of more fun ghoulish things to come!" This has resulted in some fans excitedly taking this to mean we'll be getting even more MediEvil in the future.

While that's certainly one way of looking at it, we honestly doubt that was what Wilson was trying to say. He could simply be referring to the recent trailer, and that we'll be seeing more of the game in action soon. Frankly, we're lucky to be getting a full-blown remake of MediEvil at all, so more Sir Dan after the fact seems unlikely.

In any case, the remake is looking pretty decent, so fans should be sated when it launches next year. Do you think we'll see more MediEvil after the remake of the original game? Rise from your grave in the comments below.