The post-launch support for No Man's Sky has been pretty unbelievable all things considered, and as promised, Hello Games is continually bolting on new features and upgrades to keep the divisive experience fresh. The latest major update for the game, Visions, is out tomorrow on PS4, taking the game up to version 1.75, and it introduces a whole host of new stuff to the procedurally generated adventure.

The main addition to highlight is the numerous new ways the developer has implemented to further diversify the worlds you explore. Improved weather and skies mean storms will sometimes produce rainbows, there's a wild new spectrum of flora and fauna, and new biomes make for some seriously strange planets. You'll also now be able to dig up ancient alien bones and skeletons, acquire precious materials from the most extreme locations, and pick up bizarre artifacts to decorate your base with.

Outside of environmental enhancements, the Visions update also introduces new community-wide missions. These require all players to participate in order to reach a joint goal, which is a neat inclusion. You can even now craft fireworks if you like, which is cool.

It's another significant step forward for a game that has slowly grown into the experience people were after all along. Will you be checking out No Man's Sky with this Visions update? Take flight in the comments below.

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