Battlefield 5 Support Class Guide 1

Battlefield 5's multiplayer has always been a class-based system, but with exclusive roles, perks, and weapons tied to each job, which one you pick has never been more important. Here's what to expect from the Support class.

Battlefield 5 Support Class Combat Roles

  • Engineer - Skilled with both a weapon and a spanner in their hands, the Engineer repairs vehicles and builds stationary weapon placements. Perks include the Vehicle Fixer Trait which increases the rate at which you repair vehicles and build fortifications, while the Heavy Weapons Trait boosts the length of time a stationary weapon can be fired before it overheats.
  • Machine Gunner - A soldier that relies on suppressive fire in order to get about the battlefield. Perks include the Bullet Storm Trait which causes more suppression for the enemy and less for yourself when bullets are fired, and the Focused Fire Trait which spots enemies for your team when they're fully suppressed.
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Battlefield 5 Support Class Weapons


  • MG 34
  • MG 42


  • KE7
  • Bren Gun
  • Lewis Gun
  • FG-42


  • 12g Automatic
  • M30 Drilling


  • P38 Pistol
  • Ruby
  • M1911
  • P08 Pistol
  • Repetierpistole M1912
  • Mk VI Revolver
  • Liberator


  • Scout Knife M1916
  • Hatchet
  • Club
  • Shovel
  • Pickaxe
  • Kukri
  • British Army Jack Knife
  • Solveig's Knife
  • Coupe Coupe
  • Cricket Bat

Battlefield 5 Support Class Gadgets

  • Ammo Pouch
  • Ammo Crate
  • AT Mine
  • AT Grenade Pistol
  • AP Mine

Battlefield 5 Support Class Unlocks

Unlock Rank Item Type
1 MG 34 MMG
2 Impact Grenade Grenade
3 Ruby Sidearm
4 Hatchet Melee
Ammo Crate Gadget
5 M1911 Sidearm
12G Automatic Shotgun
6 AT Grenade Pistol Gadget
7 P08 Pistol Sidearm
8 Bren Gun LMG

Club Melee
Machine Gunner Combat Role
9 Sticky Grenade Grenade
10 Support Proficiency I
Special Assignment

Lewis Gun LMG
11 AP Mine Gadget
Repetierpistole M1912 Sidearm
12 Shovel Melee
13 M30 Drilling Shotgun
14 Pickaxe Melee
15 MK VI Revolver Sidearm
16 FG-42 LMG
17 Kukri Melee
18 British Army Jack Knife Melee
19 Liberator Sidearm
20 Support Mastery I Special Assignment