Battlefield 5 Medic Class Guide 1

Battlefield 5's multiplayer has a class-based system, but with exclusive roles, perks, and weapons tied to each job, which one you pick has never been more important. Here's what to expect from the Medic class.

Battlefield 5 Medic Class Combat Roles

  • Field Medic - You'll find those who take up this role in the midst of battle, reviving teammates and handing out med kits. Perks include the Healer Trait which gives bonus Requisition for providing members of your squad with bandages, and Swift Effort Trait which boosts your sprint speed when replying to a cry for help from a friend in need.
  • Combat Medic - A combat role that places just as much emphasise on helping out teammates as it does on combat. Perks include the Melee Expert Trait which extends your reach for melee weapons, and the Emergency Retreat Trait, which boosts your sprint speed when low on health.

Battlefield 5 Medic Class Weapons


  • STEN
  • Sumoi KP/-31
  • MP40
  • MP28
  • EMP
  • MP34
  • M1928A1


  • P38 Pistol
  • Ruby
  • M1911
  • P08 Pistol
  • Repetierpistole M1912
  • Mk VI Revolver
  • Liberator


  • Scout Knife M1916
  • Hatchet
  • Club
  • Shovel
  • Pickaxe
  • Kukri
  • British Army Jack Knife
  • Solveig's Knife
  • Coupe Coupe
  • Cricket Bat


  • Frag Grenade
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Incendiary Grenade

Battlefield 5 Medic Class Gadgets

  • Bandages
  • Medical Crate
  • Smoke Grenade Rifle
  • AP Mine

Battlefield 5 Medic Class Unlocks

Unlock Rank Item Type
1 Suomi KP/-31 SMG
2 Smoke Grenade Grenade
3 Ruby Sidearm
4 Hatchet Melee
Medical Crate Gadget
5 M1911 Sidearm
6 AP Mine Gadget
7 P08 Pistol Sidearm
8 Club Melee
Combat Medic Combat Role
9 Incendiary Grenade Grenade
10 MP28 SMG
Medic Proficiency I Special Assignment
11 Repetierpistole M1912 Sidearm
12 Shovel Melee
14 Pickaxe Melee
15 MK VI Revolver Sidearm
16 MP34 SMG
17 Kukri Melee
18 British Army Jack Knife Melee
19 Liberator Sidearm
20 Medic Mastery I Special Assignment
M1928A1 SMG