assassin's creed odyssey patch 1.06

Assassin's Creed Odyssey update 1.06 is out on PlayStation 4 today (the 1st November), and it brings with it the game's first additional quest. Part of a series of free missions dubbed The Lost Tales of Greece, Ubisoft has said previously that these story-based outings will be added to the title on a regular basis. Hopefully it's good fun.

On top of that, the 4.1GB patch increases the rewards that you get from making it to a new mercenary tier. It also makes these rewards clearly visible via a new menu. And speaking of menus, you're now able to view super detailed character statistics.

Here's a summary of the update from Ubisoft:

  • Added the first story of The Lost Tales of Greece to the game.
  • Added a feature to the game to auto-craft normal arrows when enough resources are available.
  • You can now access the Detailed Character’s Statistics from the inventory.
  • Improved Mercenary menu to properly show the unlocked ranks and associated rewards.
  • The economic advantages earned with Mercenary Tiers was increased.
  • The costs to upgrade Gear items has been decreased.
  • Addressed an issue that prevented the Evie and Bayek Lieutenants to be available in the game.
  • Addressed several issues with Orichalcum Ore either being misplaced or not lootable.

You can find the full patch notes through here, but be warned: there are some story spoilers further down the page (although they are marked as such).

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