Smoken Joy DualShock 4 Hookah PS4 PlayStation 4

We've seen some pretty crazy controller peripherals and accessories in our time, but this one might just take the cake. Called the Smoken Joy, this new grip for the DualShock 4 allows you to attach your hookah pipe to your controller, essentially letting you smoke and game at the same time. Yes, that's right.

To back up a little bit here, hookah is a traditional Indian method of smoking flavoured tobacco (and potentially other substances) via a large instrument. The smoke passes through water before it reaches the pipes, of which there can be several. Where Smoken Joy comes in is when you want to chill with some hookah, but you're on a roll in Fortnite, or something?

Here's the item's description in full, because it's wonderful:

You will love it! Smokenjoy is the solution for a long - lost battle. The product allows the combination between hookah + gamble and provides a better experience. Finally you can combine your favorite hobbies also go back pain, neck tension or physical effort out of the way. Get your own Smokenjoy now and be the winner at the battle. The Smokenjoy holder for your hookah. Your mouthpiece should have at least a diameter of 1.6 cm . A rubber band is included in your order, which is ideally for "slim pipes ". But in the most cases it isn't necessary. Smokenjoyis practiculary suitable for mouthpieces with plascic, metal and similar material. The extra soft padding, makes it possible to smoke with a glas mouthpiece. WARNING NOTES: Please don't throw your controller as usual at a goal for the other side through your room in the last minute. Your mom won't be happy at the burn mark on the carpet.

We're not entirely sure what to say. It takes all sorts to make a world, we suppose.

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