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One of the many requested features for No Man's Sky is support for virtual reality. Now players can finally get together and explore thanks to the huge NEXT update, the next major thing on the list is being able to visit the game's strange, colourful worlds in VR. Going by Hello Games' new survey, it seems the small developer is considering it at the very least.

In this questionnaire that primarily focuses on feedback from regular players, one question posed asks what people would like to see most in future updates to the game. Among multiple possible answers is VR support, indicating that the developer is thinking about ways to implement the burgeoning tech into its stylish space exploration title. Again, this is a feature many have been hoping for since the game's announcement, and there's no doubt it would be an exciting addition. The grand scale and unusual environments of No Man's Sky would make for an awesome virtual reality experience.

This isn't exactly a guarantee it'll happen, but if enough people want VR support, it sounds like Hello Games is prepared to give it a shot. Do you want to see No Man's Sky in VR? Be careful where you land in the comments below.

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