Red Dead Redemption 2 Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Locations 1

Money is in short supply even for those that steal in Red Dead Redemption 2, but we've got good news for you: there are several stashes of treasure dotted throughout the world that you can gather by following treasure maps.

However, even finding the treasure map in the first place can be tricky, as they're often found in the most secluded locations. Fear not though, for we're here to help, and in this guide we'll talk you through how to get the Poisonous Trail treasure map and subsequent gold.

We’ve also covered how to gather the Jack Hall Gang treasure if $2,000 isn’t quite enough for you.

The Poisonous Trail Treasure Map 1

The Poisonous Trail treasure map kicks off at a serene snowy mountain hut up on Cairn Lake. Make your way over there and when you arrive open the lockbox underneath the bed to get the first map.

Open it and you’ll see the image of a bunch of rocks shaped like a face next to a tree that’s seen better days. That’s our next destination.

The Poisonous Trail Treasure Map 2

Head to your map and travel on over to the location literally known as Face Rock, which is due west of Ringneck Creek near the word ‘Scarlett’ on your map.
Look around for the tree revealed in the image and run past it to a smaller tree behind. Stick your hand in the hollow to pull out the second map.

The Poisonous Trail Treasure Map 3

Red Dead Redemption 2 Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Locations 17

The image reveals the next location, which is a rock formation that looks like the eye of a snake. That isn’t marked on your map this time, but the location is due west of Van Horn Trading Post.

You shouldn’t have too much trouble locating the actual snake eye, as it’s massive and looks like an odd rock formation from beneath. When you’re there, reach into the snake eye to get the next treasure map.

The Poisonous Trail Treasure

Now that you have the third treasure map, it’s time to find the treasure itself. The image on the map is that of a waterfall, which can be found at Elysian Pool. Thankfully, that’s not very far north of your current location.
Red Dead Redemption 2 Poisonous Trail Treasure Map Locations 6

Gallop on over there on your trusty steed and look for a waterfall. You’re going to want to run right through the water to find a cave behind. At first glance, the cave looks really small but that’s because the majority of it is covered in shadow.

You know what you have to do – whip out your lantern. We know a lot of people have struggled with this step as the lantern isn’t really explained prior. Simply hold L1 to bring up your weapon wheel, scroll round to the knife slot, and press R2 until you see the lantern appear. Simply release to whip it out.

You should see more of the cave now. Climb up towards the rear and walk through the dark passageway. When you see a bit of the cave slope downwards, walk towards the edge and look down.

To the right of dark plummet is a collection of rocks that you can drop down. At the bottom, you’ll find a cave that you have to crawl through to find the treasure. Do so until it splits in two and then whip out your treasure map.
On the bottom right, you’ll see that it points you towards the right fork in the path. Take it until you find yourself facing another plummet into the murky depths below. Glance left and you’ll find a ledge you can drop onto. Do so, then follow the cave left into a cavern.

Here, simply jump onto the left hand side and climb up to find a boulder you can search. Do so and you’re not only $2,000 richer, you’re also basically Tomb Raider.

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