Fallout 76 pvp

After months of fan concern over Fallout 76 and its approach to player versus player combat, it seems as though Bethesda has failed to really get one important detail across: you can disable player versus player combat in the settings menu.

A small detail in Eurogamer's preview of the game, the publication writes: "The game disables PvP till you reach level 5, so there's plenty of time to get to grips with all this and make inroads on a few quests before you have to worry about other players, and even then, you're free to switch it off again in the settings." We thought it was well worth bringing attention to, because the incorporation of a player versus player system has been a major sticking point for many.

However, it's unclear whether disabling this will prevent other players from damaging you, or whether it just stops you from attacking other players by mistake. It's stuff like this that we really wish Bethesda would just clarify.

[source eurogamer.net]