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It’s been a while since we got word of anything from Bluepoint, hasn’t it? The Texas-based studio – behind this year’s brilliant Shadow of the Colossus remake – confirmed that it was working on another remake, which it said back in March was a “bit bigger” than its previous effort. There was a lot of speculation at the time that it was busy beavering away on Demon’s Souls, the legendary PlayStation 3 action RPG which kickstarted the Souls series.

And now eagle-eyed posters at ResetEra have uncovered the resume of a character artist called Justin Dewey, who’s working on “character, armour, and weapon assets” for an unannounced project. What does this tell us? Frankly, nothing at all – plenty of games have armour, don’t they? Demon’s Souls, though, is particularly famous for its suits of armour and… Well, we’ll leave you to make the connections. The rumour mill churns on.

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