Vita 2

It comes as no real surprise, but Sony vice president Hiroyuki Oda has said that the company has no plans to release another handheld console. The news comes alongside confirmation that Sony will be discontinuing Vita production in 2019.

"Currently, we do not have any plans regarding a new handheld device," Oda said.

Whether that stance changes in the future remains to be seen, but with the PlayStation 4 nearing its fifth birthday and still absolutely killing it in terms of sales, it doesn't take a genius to realise that Sony's focus surely points towards the home console market. It'll obviously be wanting to replicate the success of the PS4 with the inevitable PS5, after all.

Still, would you say yes to another handheld PlayStation device? Be sure to tell Sony how to run its business empire in the comments section below.

[source News: TGS 2018: PS Vita Production to Cease Next Year in Japan, Says Sony Boss]