PlayStation PS Vita Japan

We all knew it was coming. Sony's ill-fated handheld has been winding down slowly, but the PS Vita has continued to sell relatively well in Japan. However, in 2019, the platform holder will be pulling the plug on production in Japan.

This comes from a report issued by Famitsu, which Gematsu has translated. Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president Hiroyuki Oda confirmed to the Japanese publication that Sony will stop making the portable console next year. "In Japan, we will manufacture PlayStation Vita until 2019. From there, shipping will end."

Oda also commented on whether a new Sony handheld is on the way. In short, there isn't -- not right now, at least. "Currently, we do not have any plans regarding a new handheld device," he told Famitsu.

So there you have it. The PS Vita is being phased out in Japan, and Sony isn't interested in a follow-up. Again, it's not exactly a surprise, but it'll surely come as disappointing news to some.