red dead redemption 2 fishing

Rockstar's pumped out new Red Dead Redemption 2 details, this time giving a brief overview of hunting and fishing. There are a few new screenshots, too, so we've embedded them throughout the article.

It goes without saying, but hunting is going to be a key component of Red Dead Redemption 2. By tracking down animals and killing them, you'll be rewarded with skins and meat. You can sell your bits and pieces at general stores or to butchers, with high quality goods netting your more cash. If that feels like a bit of a waste, you can instead donate them to your outlaw camp so that your allies remain well fed.

Fishing appears to work in a similar way. Apparently different fish will chomp at different bait, so it pays to be prepared. Much like hunting, you can acquire materials and meat from fishing. It should provide a relaxing little diversion after a long day of killing things.

Rockstar says that there are around 200 animal species in Red Dead Redemption 2, so the open world should be nicely populated. Just watch out for those bloody cougars.