PlayStation Now PS4 PlayStation 4 Europe

Yesterday, Sony dropped the bombshell that PlayStation Now had been updated to allow PS4 and PS2 games to be downloaded directly, a huge change that has been met with an almost universally positive response. With both streaming and download options now available, Sony's service is now a much more attractive proposition for most players. However, this news only applied to those in the USA.

Now, Sony has announced that PlayStation Now in Europe is getting exactly the same treatment. Via a PlayStation Blog post this morning, PS Now members in the Old World also have access to the download feature for PS4 and PS2 titles. It seems to operate identically to the US service -- you don't need PlayStation Plus to download games from PS Now or play them online, but you will have to stay connected to allow Sony to verify your subscription. As for PS3 games, they're simply not compatible with PS4, so aren't available for download.

This is great news, and we're glad that Sony clarified the situation in Europe quickly. Will you be making use of PlayStation Now following the recent overhaul? Get downloading in the comments below.