Drawn to Death PS4 PlayStation 4

We always rather liked David Jaffe's online multiplayer shooter Drawn to Death, with its pen and paper art style and imaginative characters and weaponry. However, it seems Sony is ready to pull the plug on the game's servers, as it's wont to do with under-performing online titles.

A fan fired up the game today, only to be presented with a message that bluntly states Drawn to Death's online features and multiplayer will come to an end in six month's time, on 25th March 2019.

Drawn to Death PS4 PlayStation 4

This follows the closure of Jaffe's independent studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, earlier in the year. It's another example of Sony shutting down online services and games that fail to meet expectations, such as Gravity Rush 2's multiplayer features after 18 months, The Tomorrow Children after 12, and Kill Strain after just short of a year. It's a real shame to see this continue to happen.

Will you be sad to see Drawn to Death go? Are you still playing, or have you moved onto other games? Get doodling in the comments below.

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