The Tomorrow Children PS4 PlayStation 4 1

This free-to-play thing just hasn’t worked out for Sony, has it? Q-Games’ gorgeous The Tomorrow Children will be following Kill Strain to the great server graveyard when the Void's shut down for good on 1st November. The game, which saw you recruited by the Ministry of Labour to work with other players establishing a base of defence against the perpetual threat of monsters, launched last September on the PlayStation 4, so will barely have lasted longer than a year.

The crazy thing about the title’s woefully short run is that it was announced all the way back in 2013, so its development cycle was like three or four times longer than its lifespan. In Japan, you’ll be able to purchase the Foundation Pack and other microtransactions at 40 per cent off starting 13th July, with the former being 50 per cent off for PlayStation Plus members. They'll be removed from the PlayStation Store for good on 28th September.

It’s such a shame because the release has such a lovely look to it, but we weren’t all that enamoured with the gameplay.