If you're like us, any new arcade racer that emerges on PS4 has your attention. The latest is RGX Showdown, a game from a small studio comprising of racing game veterans responsible for Burnout and Split/Second. Sounds good, right?

This new game, which launches today on PlayStation Store, is a futuristic street racer with an online focus. Races are one-on-one and see you barrelling through traffic in a high speed race from A to B. Online tournaments start every hour, meaning there will always be new challenges to face when you boot the game up. Participating will earn you new cars, customisation options, and all that good stuff. It probably won't fill the Burnout-shaped hole in our hearts, but it sounds like a nifty little racing game for a measly $10.

What do you think of RGX Showdown? Drift into the comments below and let us know.

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