The second season pass for Tekken 7 has a release date, and Bandai Namco has confirmed that it'll launch alongside a slew of gameplay tweaks and changes, as well as balancing adjustments. What's more, returning characters Anna Williams and Lei Wulong -- both part of the second season pass -- release on that same day.

The date for Tekken enthusiasts to mark on their calendars is the 6th September. Season Pass 2 will be priced at $25.99, while individually, Lei and Anna will each set you back $4.99. You can watch the new trailer for Lei above, and Anna's below.

As for what the big gameplay update does, Bamco says that you can expect a brand new  "simple combos" system, changes to the ranking system, and character balancing across the board. The new "wall bound" mechanic will also be introduced, allowing you to bounce your opponents off walls in order to start new combos.

Exciting times for Tekken fans, that's for sure.