Tekken director and chief producer Katsuhiro Harada has never been one to mince words. Over the years, he's featured in countless interviews where he gives straight answers with regards to his vision for the Tekken franchise, and in the case of Tekken 7, he's already stated several times that paid downloadable content is pretty much a necessity. Without it, the development team wouldn't be able to support the game for more than a couple of months after launch.

Hitting that point home, Harada has taken to Twitter in order to reiterate his position. He writes, "In the past, we had to stop all updates and support within 2 months after launch (Because no development Budget).
With Season Pass, we can guarantee one year of Additional Development Cost and development Team (Retention of development team structure) from our Company/Publisher."

As regular readers will know, we're not huge fans of stuff like season passes, but in cases like this, the developer has little choice. Harada goes on to explain what post-release DLC means for Tekken 7 in particular: "Also, we do not sell classic Tekken characters, Paid DLC will be special content. With this system, we can do free updates and support for a long time."

What are your thoughts on paid DLC these days? Can you see where Harada is coming from, or do you think that there has to be some sort of alternative? Put your mouth where your money is in the comments section below.

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