Super Seducer Bloodborne

Super Seducer developer and star Richard La Ruina's a big fan of FromSoftware's games, apparently. Speaking to Game Industry in a rather revealing interview, La Ruina says that he and his wife Kate, who's producing Super Seducer 2, "really like FromSoftware games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls".

"We'd love to make something like that," he admits. "But we can't," Kate La Ruina adds.

It's a golden quote from an interview in which La Ruina goes into detail about the development of Super Seducer, and what he's doing differently with the sequel.

For those out of the loop, Super Seducer was set to arrive on PlayStation 4 earlier in the year. However, Sony reportedly shut the door on the release just as it was about to launch. According to La Ruina, there are no plans to bring the sequel to PS4.

Update: Richard La Ruina actually tweeted us a screenshot of his Trophy counts for Bloodborne and The Old Hunters expansion in reply to this story. 100% on both.

Not bad.