We're big fans of Hitman on PS4, and Hitman 2 is looking like a promising sequel. Something we didn't expect to see is this latest news regarding the upcoming game: not only will it have a full suite of new missions to enjoy, but all the levels and missions from the first game will be present and correct.

That's right, Hitman Season 1 content will be updated and playable within Hitman 2. Any enhancements that the sequel is bringing to the table will be retroactively applied to the first game's missions, and if you already own the original title, you won't need to pay again to play them in the sequel. We infer from this that newcomers who buy Hitman 2 will have to pay extra for the Season 1 content. It's a bit messy, but it does mean that everything will be tied together, which is clearly what IO Interactive is shooting for.

What do you think of this move? Will you be playing two Hitman games worth of content when Hitman 2 launches in November? Sneak into the comments below.

Update: The Hitman Season 1 content will be coming to Hitman 2 as the 'Hitman Legacy Pack'. As we mentioned, it'll be available to download free of charge for owners of the original game.

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