Fortnite Shite Gamescom 2018

It's Friday afternoon and Gamescom 2018 has pretty much wrapped up -- you're damn right we're going to write about someone taking a sh*t at a gaming convention.

As reported by, there was a huge queue to play Fortnite at Gamescom 2018. Disregarding the fact that thousands of people queued up for hours on end to play bloody Fortnite of all things, horror soon shook Hall 8 of the convention after someone took a dump in a bag, supposedly while they were waiting in line, and left it to fester.

Apparently, the location was so busy that the bag was stepped on, and gradually, the faeces was spread throughout the hall. As you'd expect, this caused one hell of a stench, and reportedly, it got so bad that a child ended up puking in public.

By playing Fortnite at the event you could nab an exclusive in-game item, but still, it's not worth sh*tting in a bag over, is it?

People complain about body odour at conventions like Gamescom, but this is a new low.

Update: Epic Games' Nick Chester says that this didn't actually happen, but quite frankly, we don't give a sh*t.