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Tira is returning in SoulCalibur VI, but only as DLC. You unlock her if you buy the season pass, or you can purchase her individually. Almost immediately after the announcement, there was outrage. Fans aren't happy that a much requested character is stuck behind an additional paywall at launch, and we can't blame them. It's an especially daft move when you consider that the base character roster hasn't even been fully revealed yet.

But at Gamescom 2018, speaking to IGN, Bandai Namco defends its decision to add Tira as DLC. Product manager Pierre Tartaix sheds some light on the issue: "I know it hasn't been the most popular decision, we had people being pretty mad, not understanding what's happening there." he begins.

"So, the idea is Tira has been a huge request from the community since we announced the game, and when we realised how popular Tira was, we decided to integrate her into the game. Unfortunately, it was late into the development process," Tartaix explains.

"The public usually sees a game when it's announced, roughly a year before it's released, but a game's development can take two years, three years -- it's a long, long process. So we started developing Tira -- her model, her abilities, her gameplay -- late into development, so we can make it work to be there on release, but we can't make it work to be in the game when we submit. The end of [the game's] development is way before the release of the game."

So basically, Tartaix is saying that Tira's inclusion was only decided upon after development of the base game had pretty much finished. The developer had no choice but to add her as DLC.

But if Bandai Namco's doing all of this for the fans, then why is she going to cost extra? Why isn't she a freebie for those who buy the game? We suppose the developer would argue that it takes time and resources to add a new character, so she's gonna have to cost something.

What do you make of this reasoning? Watch where you're swinging that giant bladed ring in the comments section below.