Firewall Zero Hour has been wearing its Rainbow Six: Siege influences on its urban camo sleeve, so it’s perhaps no surprise to learn that it has a cast of contractors each with their own unique abilities. Perks range from additional ammunition to a bonus frag grenade. We’ve included a list of all the characters and their skills below, as compiled by Reddit:

  • Skip: Primary Skill "Loaded" (Extra ammo for primary and secondary weapons)
  • Texas: Primary Skill "Bullet Sponge" (Takes less bullet damage)
  • Red: Primary Skill "BANG BANG" (Extra frag grenade)
  • Tarek: Primary Skill "Wired" (Enemy traps visible at greater distances)
  • Raha: Primary Skill "Scout" (Heightened enemy detection)
  • Diaz: Primary Skill "Double Time" (Faster movement speed)
  • Fang: Primary Skill "Lightspeed" (Reload magazines faster)
  • Meiko: Primary Skill "Ninja" (Reduced movement noise)
  • Okoro: Primary Skill "Heavy Duty" (Takes less explosive damage)
  • Grim: Primary Skill "quick Fix" (Revives teammates faster)
  • Nala: Primary Skill "Ghost" (Does not set off mines)
  • Odin: Primary Skill "Iceman" (Decreased weapon recoil)

Which combatant will you be playing as? Lock and load in the comments section below.

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