Though we're entering the quiet summer months, June turned out to be fairly busy for game releases. Despite E3 keeping us busy and the World Cup getting underway, we still found some time to play a bunch of great games, and this latest edition of Game of the Month contains some absolute corkers.


Bronze Trophy: Onrush

This arcade racer with a difference may have divided the crowd, but its bombastic, high octane action and team based modes saw it barge its way to our Bronze award. Some reservations about longevity aside, our editor Sammy Barker gave Onrush a 7/10, calling it a "chaotic arcade game that surprisingly comes together." He added, "This brash vehicular experience draws inspiration from several different areas of the industry, but it reassembles them into something unusual and entertaining."

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Silver Trophy: Rainbow Skies

This sequel to Rainbow Moon was a long time coming, but thanks to a variety of improvements, it was worth waiting for. Reviewer Jenny Jones loved the game's "much improved narrative" and "short and snappy" battles. "Its addictive gameplay makes it an absolute joy to explore every inch of the world, and with a huge amount of customisation options and an abundance of side quests, this superior sequel is sure to keep you enthralled for many, many hours," She concluded, awarding the game a well deserved 8/10.

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Gold Trophy: Jurassic World Evolution

A simulation game that allows you to build your very own dinosaur park - what could possibly go wrong? Frontier Developments clearly spared no expense when crafting Jurassic World Evolution, as it left reviewer John Cal McCormick mightily impressed, awarding the game an 8/10: "While there's a couple of tedious processes involved, building a park is generally entertaining, and dinosaur fans – who isn't a dinosaur fan? – will likely be enamoured with the array of creatures available, and the mischief they can get up to."

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Platinum Trophy: Lumines Remastered

Pulling ahead of the pack by some way, it's Lumines Remastered that takes our coveted Game of the Month award for June. This remaster of the PSP original proves that the rhythmic block-dropping formula is as addictive and entrancing as ever.

Reviewer Graham Banas fell in love all over again with his 8/10 review. "Lumines Remastered is a loving, wonderfully polished return of one of the best rhythm games of these past years," He said, praising the title's crisp, colourful presentation and "wildly entertaining, timeless gameplay".

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  1. Jurassic World Evolution26%
  2. Lumines Remastered30%
  3. Onrush2%
  4. Rainbow Skies15%
  5. Other26%

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