goku vegeta base form.jpg

One of the most iconic fights in the entirety of Dragon Ball is the first real clash between Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z. So with that in mind, the confirmation of base form Goku and Vegeta as the next downloadable content characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ makes some sense. Although having said that, we doubt that reasoning will stop many fans from thinking that their inclusion seems like a waste when so many other characters have been ignored.

Anyway, the latest issue of V-Jump has the details. Goku has his spirit bomb -- which is apparently incredibly slow but immensely powerful -- alongside his kaioken, which sounds like it'll allow him to string together some exclusive combos. What's more, it supposedly grows more powerful if his allies are knocked out.

Disappointingly, there's no mention of Vegeta getting his Great Ape form, although he will have his classic galick gun.

The duo are set to release in early August, so we should be seeing them in action very soon.

What do you make of this confirmation? Would you have preferred different characters? Fight for the survival of your planet in the comments section below.

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