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You’ve got to feel for Sony Bend sometimes. The studio can’t ever seem to catch a break with Days Gone, but in the wake of a positive Game Informer cover story campaign and a decent release date reveal earlier this week, everything was looking good for the PlayStation 4 exclusive. And then ANTHEM just announced that it’s scheduled to release on 22nd February – the exact same day as Deacon St. John’s post-apocalyptic affair.

The games are different, of course – Days Gone is an open world survival game in contrast to ANTHEM’s co-operative action. But, there’s no question that there’ll be crossover between their audiences, and we’re not sure the same day can accommodate two gigantic sandbox games. One of these titles is going to lose out, and while we personally think they’ve both got their own unique identity problems, you wouldn’t bet against EA with its chequebook out.

Which leaves Sony in a bit of dilemma: what does it do? It can stick to its guns, of course – but wouldn't it be better if it searched for a quieter slot later in the year? Or is there a possibility it can pull Days Gone forward a bit – the game’s seemingly ahead of schedule, and was probably only delayed out of this holiday in order to avoid comparisons to Red Dead Redemption 2. Either way, there are big decisions to be made here.

Should Sony move Days Gone's release date? (135 votes)

  1. Yes, it'll have to launch later than planned now11%
  2. Uh-huh, but maybe they can bring it forward28%
  3. Meh, I don't know and don't really care13%
  4. No, it hasn't got to worry about ANTHEM at all47%

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