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PlayStation Now could be about to get a whole lot more desirable, but we’d hold your horses before getting too hyped. An image has popped up on Reddit showing a screenshot from the streaming service’s user interface, and it appears to imply that a ‘Download’ option is being added to the application. Theoretically, this would imply that subscribers will be able to download software to play natively, similarly to PlayStation Plus games.

Not every part of this rumour adds up, though. Firstly, it shows the ‘Download’ button on what appears to be a PlayStation 3 game, and seeing as the PS4 has no form of backwards compatibility, it’s highly unlikely that you’d be able to pull those games from the cloud. Of course, PlayStation Now does also include PS4 software now, which would run without a hitch if downloaded – although none of this functionality would be available on the PC either.

The second issue is that we haven’t been able to corroborate the authenticity of the image ourselves. We certainly don’t see the ‘Download’ button in our app, and thus far, we haven’t been able to verify it with anyone else. Off-screen images always make us wary, but we suppose there is a small chance that Sony accidentally rolled this feature out, before promptly pulling it again. According to the user, clicking the button did nothing.

We’re going to say that there’s a strong chance the image is either fake or a pure mistake, but there’s no question that PlayStation Now’s stock would rise heavily if Sony could roll a feature like this out. With over 650 games available, the option to both stream anywhere and download full PS4 titles would certainly be enticing. We reckon it’s unlikely based on this evidence, but the Japanese giant has said that it wants to bolster subscriber numbers of all of its services.

This would be a good place to start.

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