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Following on from last week’s rumour, it sounds like full-game downloads really are coming to PlayStation Now later this year. Kotaku reports that starting from September of this year, Sony plans to add an option that will allow subscribers to play various PlayStation 4 titles without needing to stream them; the functionality, it claims, will work identically to PlayStation Plus freebies.

The website is citing an “industry source”, which lends credence to a recent image that was shared on Reddit, showing a conspicuous ‘Download’ button in the cloud streaming app. As expected, the functionality will be limited to PS4 software only – due to the lack of backwards compatibility, you’ll still have to stream PS3 games – but it should make the service a whole lot more attractive.

There’s no word on whether PlayStation Now’s full roster of PS4 games will be downloadable – there could be complicated licensing issues here – but we’re sure that will be Sony’s objective. In which case, the service is about to get pretty darn desirable: a combination of streaming and full-game downloads across a catalogue of over 650 games is an enticing proposition.

The platform holder’s yet to comment on any of this, but if it turns out to be true and you recently snapped up the discounted annual subscription to PlayStation Now as part of the Days of Play promotion: well done – you may very well have played a blinder here. We’ll reach out to Sony for comment, but we doubt it’ll confirm anything until it’s ready to make this official. Assuming, of course, it is.