You could be forgiven for forgetting that Call of Duty: Black Ops III is free on PlayStation Plus right now – it was announced during Sid Shuman’s painful interlude in the Sony E3 2018 press conference earlier this week, after all. But with the PlayStation Store back up and running following some turbulence on Tuesday, we’re here to remind you to grab your free copy while it’s available.

It’s unclear how long it’ll be sticking around – presumably it’ll be rotated out when the PS Plus update gets refreshed next month – but it’s best to just nab it while you can. While it’s not the best Call of Duty game on the PS4 at all, it’s still decent fun and well worth checking out if you want an online shooter to enjoy this summer.

Update: As kindly pointed out by reader Roe in the comments section, Call of Duty: Black Ops III will be available free for a full month, until 11th July.