Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Lara Croft’s been becoming the Tomb Raider for over five years now, but Square Enix has promised her transition from whimpering waif to dual-pistol wielding wonder woman will be complete by the time the credits roll on new entry, Shadow of the Tomb Raider. With Eidos Montreal taking the reins from Crystal Dynamics, there’s the stench of “more of the same” to this threequel – but if you liked the previous entries, then that’s no bad thing.

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Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

Who doesn't love Spyro? The little purple dragon's first three adventures are heading to PS4, and the remakes are looking absolutely gorgeous. Like Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, this collection is set to be a knockout nostalgia punch for longtime fans, while a raft of newcomers get to experience these classic, lighthearted platformers for the first time. From the simple joy of charging through baddies in the Artisan World to catching lizards while riding a skateboard, we can't wait for the Reignited Trilogy to take flight in September.

Valkyria Chronicles 4

SEGA's going back to the series' roots with Valkyria Chronicles 4. The strategy RPG looks a heck of a lot like the franchise's first instalment, and after the disaster that was Valkyria Revolution, that's probably a good thing. A lovely art style, endearing characters, and that strange yet satisfying combat system all come together to create what will hopefully be a roaring return to form.

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise

A Yakuza game with a Fist of the North Star skin -- need we say more? A post-apocalyptic city needs your help, as the legendary Kenshiro goes about his business of bursting heads like the world's most violent acne medication. It's even got Yakuza-esque minigames -- one of which sees Ken work as a barman. Anime adaptations can go either way, but we've got high hopes for this one given the developer's pedigree.

Mega Man 11

All it took was the departure of a Japanese gaming icon, a Kickstarter, and a game called Mighty No. 9 that turned out to be a Mighty Mistake. Capcom may have temporarily fallen out of love with the Blue Bomber, but Mega Man 11 looks like everything that Keiji Inafune’s crowd-funded disaster was supposed to be. With a sharp artstyle and timeless side-scrolling action, this is shaping up to be a classic take on a, well, classic.