Well, May turned out to be a really solid month for PlayStation gaming, despite a lack of big-name releases. It was so solid, in fact, that our Game of the Month nominees list ended up being a lot longer than anticipated. But as always, only one title can be given our prestigious award.

dragon's crown pro ps4.jpg

Bronze Trophy: Dragon's Crown Pro

A gem of an arcade-style role-playing beat-'em-up, Dragons Crown is an absolute blast on PlayStation 4. Co-op enabled and stuffed with creative enemies, satisfying combat, and super cool loot, Pro may be a rather standard remaster, but its gameplay loop is as addictive as ever. We gave it an 8/10, and called it "one of the best, most memorable beat-'em-ups on the market".

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Silver Trophy: Tacoma

Gone Home developer Fullbright returns with another cracking adventure title, this time set in space. Slick design and impactful storytelling make Tacoma stand out, with reviewer Alex Stinton awarding it an 8/10. "Tacoma stands out from the crowd, mainly through the implementation of some nicely interactive AR scenes to deliver its key story moments," Alex wrote, adding: "developer Fullbright once again proves where its strengths lie: with down-to-earth characters and thought-provoking storytelling."

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Gold Trophy: Detroit: Become Human

Already widely considered to be developer Quantic Dream's best game, this tale of androids wanting to be human may be cliche, but gorgeous graphics and some touching character moments elevate the experience. "It’s clear that remarkable attention has been poured into the title's vision of the near-future," wrote overlord Sammy Barker. He called it "an impressively replayable interactive story with a frightening number of variables of which there’s nothing else quite like," giving David Cage's latest a very respectable 7/10.

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Platinum Trophy: Moonlighter

It's safe to say that our Game of the Month vote ended up being extremely close this time around, but it's Moonlighter that managed to take the award for May. This charming dungeon crawler mixes action role-playing with shop keeping, and the result is a devilishly addictive adventure.

Reviewer Stephen Tailby heaped praise on its "ingenious gameplay loop", and wrote "the way the game's contrasting parts blend into one another means you're always making progress, and it feels great." Moonlighter nabbed a well-deserved 8/10, with Stephen concluding: "shopping around for your new favourite indie? Look no further."

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  1. Detroit: Become Human56%
  2. Dragon's Crown Pro10%
  3. Moonlighter12%
  4. Tacoma  0%
  5. Other22%

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