The announcement that Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise is making its way to Western shores later this year was somewhat overshadowed by other E3 news, but it's a big win for fans nonetheless. It's being developed by Yakuza Studio, the team responsible for, you guessed it, the Yakuza series, and this new gameplay footage looks very familiar indeed.

The structure of the game looks very similar, with a sandbox-style map to run around in, groups of thugs and bandits to pummel to death, and even some minigames to engage in. There's an arcade where you'll be able to play old Fist of the North Star games as well. If we weren't already sure this would basically be a Yakuza game, this new footage firmly cements that. Still, it's looking brilliantly mad and over the top, and it seems that the developer is a good fit for the franchise.

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