CD Projekt Red has confirmed that its upcoming open world role-playing title, Cyberpunk 2077, will have similar difficulty settings to its previous game, The Witcher 3. The information comes from an interview with YouTuber and streamer Angry Joe, who asks whether difficulty options will be included.

The Polish developer replies: "Yeah, of course, we'll have the same kind of difficult options that we had in previous games we've made."

This is probably good news for players who are looking to enjoy the story and the game's world without having to worry about overly challenging combat. Likewise, those eager for a challenge will likely get one from the title's harder settings.

For reference, The Witcher 3 included several different difficulty options, ranging from a more casual setting that made combat a lot less punishing to a hardcore mode that made each fight incredibly deadly. It sounds like the difficulty of Cyberpunk 2077 will cater to all, then.