WipEout Omega Collection PS4 PlayStation 4 PSVR

WipEout Omega Collection may be a simple remaster, but it's still one of PS4's best racing games, offering blisteringly fast, buttery smooth gameplay and a generous amount of content. The recent virtual reality update makes it even more enticing for those with PlayStation VR, especially as it happens to be one of the headset's best experiences to date.

If you've yet to be convinced to give the game a try, however, you're now able to download a demo from the PS Store. You'll have access to a Feisar ship and two race tracks -- Vineta K from WipEout HD and Altima from WipEout 2048. What's more, you'll also be able to play the demo in VR if you wish.

Will you be trying out WipEout Omega Collection's demo? Slam into the walls in the comments below.

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