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The next PlayStation will release later this year, one ambitious rumour claimed recently. But according to a Kotaku report penned by the ever-reliable Jason Schreier, that’s extremely unlikely to be the case – in fact, we may be waiting until at least 2020 for the so-called PlayStation 5, just like industry analyst Michael Pachter predicted.

Here’s the skinny from the aforementioned site’s sources: there are a handful of people aware of Sony’s plans for the PS5, but the majority of developers – across a variety of disciplines from first-party and third-party studios – haven’t got a clue. This includes people working on titles set to release in 2019 and later.

Semi Accurate, the originator of all these rumours, claimed that devkits are already widely available – but according to Kotaku’s sources, they’re either extremely well hidden or don’t exist in the first place. The takeaway seems to be that, while PS5 plans are very much in motion, the system’s a long way away from being a reality. Of course, hardware roadmaps can always change.