We don’t think anyone really expected the PlayStation 5 to launch this year, despite there being reports to the contrary. Nevertheless, industry analyst Michael Pachter has been chatting to WCCFTech about the probability of a new console this year, and he’s said that there’s a “very low” chance of the PS5 dropping this Christmas.

The outspoken Wedbush Securities suit added that he feels there’s a 25 per cent chance of a new system next year, and a 75 per cent chance of one in 2020. We can probably all agree that the next PlayStation will be a “thing” by November 2020, but reports last week suggested that development kits were already in publishers’ hands.

Whatever happens, you’re witnessing the start of the rumour mill, so hopefully you’re ready for lots more PS5 speculation over the coming months and years.

[source wccftech.com]