Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash Locations and Rewards 1

Hunting down prepper stashes is a ton of fun in Far Cry 5. Not only do you earn a ton of cash, perk magazines, and other special items like outfits and vehicles, but getting to the rewards is often a reward in itself.

Most prepper stashes behave like a big puzzle to solve. Some tax you mentally while others give you a physical challenge to complete, involving all of the resources at your disposal.

Tracking them down is also tricky though, as they don't just litter your map. You have to either stumble across them randomly, or speak to an NPC that knows of one of their locations.

Or, you could just read this guide. Below, we have a list of all of the prepper stash locations in Far Cry 5, including the rewards you get for completing them. That way, you can prioritise the ones you want.

We recommend bookmarking this guide, so you can refer back to it as you play. Have fun!

Dutch's Island Prepper Stash Locations

dutch-island (1).jpg
Prepper Stash Location Rewards
Sunken Funds Silver Lake Boathouse $666

Holland Valley Prepper Stash Locations

Prepper Stash Location Rewards
Swingers Bridge of Tears Hunter Outfit / $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
High Tension Lincoln Lookout Tower $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
DIY And DOA Doverspike Compound $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Dumpster Diving Dodds Dumps $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Vespiary Grain Elevator Gold Medalist Weapon Skin / $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Long Range Lockpick Deep North Irrigation Reservoir $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Foxhole Armstrong Residence Militia Outfit / $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Playing With Fire Hope County Jail Bus Molotov - Enhanced Recipe / $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Deep Dive Laurel Residence $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Man Cave Sunrise Threshing 2012 Kimberlite TCZ / $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Fire In The Hole Wellington Residence $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines

Whitetail Mountains Prepper Stash Locations

Prepper Stash Location Rewards
Mayday Rattlesnake Trail Bridge $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Cliffhanger Ozhigwan Falls $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Hanger Pains Lansdowne Airstrip Pack Hunter Plane / Cheeseburger Bobblehead / Hares Magazine / Three Perk Magazines / $1,000
The Holdouts Elliot Residence Vietnam Lighter / $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Unwelcome Guest Frank's Cabin $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Gone Squatchin' Danksy Cabin Vinyl Crate / Fishing Magazine: Chinook Salmon / $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Salvage Rites Salvage Camp $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Shipwreck Tanami Residence $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines

Henbane River Prepper Stash Locations

Prepper Stash Location Rewards
Pooper Scooper Silver Lake Summer Camp $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Animal Control Howling Cave $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Overwatch Taft Lookout Tower Flight Suit Outfit / $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Dead Man's Treasure Dead Man's Mill $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
The Angel's Grave Horned Serpent Cave $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
O'Hara's Haunted House O'Hara's Haunted House $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Side Effects Bright Warden Radon Spa $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines
Getaway McCallough's Garage 1973 Pygmation SSR Car / $1,000 / Three Perk Magazines