Number of Players
1 (Single Player) (2 Player Online)
Release Date

PlayStation 4

  • US 27th Mar 2018
  • EU 27th Mar 2018

PlayStation Plus Extra (Subscription)

  • 20th Dec 2022 until 17th Oct 2023
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Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness
Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars
Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies


  • Review Far Cry 5 (PS4)

    Daddy issues

    If an AI were to create a game based on popular Google search terms for video games, Far Cry 5 would likely be the result. Whether that's a good or a bad thing largely depends on what you expect from Far Cry at this point, and probably games in general. Because Far Cry 5 isn't a bad game – in fact, it's an awful lot of good old...

DLC Reviews

  • Review Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars (PS4)

    Spaced out

    Far Cry 5, like a few of Ubisoft's high profile releases, has come with the promise of a weird and wonderful DLC schedule that takes the base game and places it in increasingly strange scenarios. Lost on Mars is the latest bizarre excursion for the open world shooter, and it's probably about what you're expecting. It doesn't take itself...

  • Review Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness (PS4)

    Hell or high whatever

    In the two months since its release, the general consensus surrounding Far Cry 5 has settled on it being a solid experience but also one that didn’t bring anything new to the table. In the hope of finding something fresh, series fans have been placing their bets on the game’s post-launch DLC to satisfy those needs. The...

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As the new junior deputy of fictional Hope County, Montana, players will find that their arrival accelerates a years-long silent coup by a fanatical doomsday cult, the Project at Eden's Gate, igniting a violent takeover of the county. Caught off guard and drawn into a power struggle, players must disrupt the carefully laid plans of the Project at Eden’s Gate, and fan the fires of resistance to help liberate the Hope County community and themselves.