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The Ravenii horde hellbent on taking over the world are no push over in Extinction, and after joining forces with the goblin army that makes up their ranks, they're a force to be reckoned with in combination. Here's a number of tips and tricks for dealing with them and making sure you come out on top.

Its back is the safest place to scale a Ravenii

Once you've dealt a limb-shattering blow to a Ravenii, it's time to climb up to its head to land the killing blow. The easiest way to do this is from its behind, as the back acts as a major blind stop for the beast. Here, you won't have to worry about being knocked about by its huge arms and so it's a straight shot to the top. Once you're up there, be aware of the possible blows it'll try and land to the back of its neck if you haven't severed its biceps, but once you've dodged them, it's time to land the death dealing blow with a Rune Strike.

Rescuing townsfolk yields the most amount of rune energy

Extinction's core gameplay loop revolves around building up your rune energy meter, and so it's in your best interests to find out how to do that the quickest. Rescuing civilians within your vicinity is the answer to that, which appear on your map as a blur circle with the silhouette of a head inside. Make sure there's no enemies about, and begin aiding their escape via the teleporter by holding down the triangle button. Once they're all swept away, your rune energy meter will be buzzing with energy.

Extinction Tips and Tricks Guides 2

Pump skill points into the Hasty Portals ability

Following on from just being able to rescue the townspeople left behind, you're also going to want to rescue these folk as quickly as possible. This is where the Hasty Portals upgrade comes into play, which speeds up the rate at which you save survivors. Invest your skill points here and you'll be able to protect everyone from danger before an enemy can leave even a scratch on them.

Farm Ravenii for rune energy

Killing enemies and rescuing people may be your main sources of rune energy, but you'll also gain a significant amount from severing the limbs of the Ravenii. And because taking out both of their legs stops them in their tracks, you can actually farm energy from them. This works best in the watchtower defence missions, where multiple Ravenii can spawn at once.

If one Ravenii turns up in simple wooden armour and another covered head to toe in brightsteel, you're going to want to focus on the former, building up your rune energy meter by taking it down, but not killing it. Once you can deal a rune strike, switch focus to the Ravenii in brightsteel armour and you'll be able to take it out with one devastating blow.

You can repeat this process over and over again if a weaker Ravenii spawns, because if their legs can be taken out, they're no longer a threat to anyone or a vital watchtower.

Don't worry about the extinction meter too much

It's an automatic fail if the extinction meter reaches zero, but it's nothing you really need to worry about. The gauge is tied to the state of your surroundings, and as the Ravenii stomp about destroying buildings, it'll begin to drop. But due to the rate at which you're slaughtering these monsters, the meter never really comes into play as a threat for failure. There are bonus objectives tied to not letting the meter drop below a certain point, but if you're just focused on success, you'll never need to worry about it.

Extinction Tips and Tricks Guides 3

Farm levels for extra skill points

You'll gain skill points from every single person you teleport to safety and each Ravenii you take down, but what the game fails to tell you too often is that each and every level can be replayed for skill points. There are definitely some difficulty spikes throughout the campaign, so we recommend you do this for the smoothest experience possible. Allocating your skill points is already an important practise, but being able to farm them to gain every ability means that you can eventually get a maxed out character with ease.

Learn how to deal with each piece of Ravenii armour

Probably the most important thing to learn within Extinction is how to deal with each piece of armour a Ravenii can gear up with. The likes of the wooden and iron lock armour may be simple to figure out, but once you're up against thorn, bone, and spiked armour, you're going to struggle if you don't know what to do.

Thankfully, we have our very own guide which will aid you in destroying every piece of Ravenii armour.

Do you have any other tips for those just starting out their journey through Extinction? Share your guidance in the comments below.