Extinction - How to Deal With Every Piece of Ravenii Armour 1

Learning how to eliminate every piece of armour a Ravenii can possibly spawn with is the most important thing to learn in Extinction. Here's our guide to shedding the 150 feet monsters of the only thing that can protect them.

Wooden armour

As the material would suggest, Wooden armour is the easiest to deal with. All you need to do is get up close to a Ravenii and launch a single attack at the timber, which will instantly destroy the armour. This opens up the beast to having that particular limb severed.

Iron Lock armour

Here's where things get slightly trickier, because as the name would suggest, Iron Lock armour is protected by a huge padlock. Always situated on the outside of its foot, this lock has to be attacked twice for it to shatter, at which point the armour will break. The first assault on the latch is likely to alert the Ravenii to your presence, so you may need to hang back a little as it attacks before you head back in for the second strike.

Extinction - How to Deal With Every Piece of Ravenii Armour 2

Gold armour

The stakes ramp up further with Gold armour, which requires you to destroy four separate latches. Two of them will be located on the outside of the foot, which are fairly easy to take out, while the other two can be found on the inside of the foot. These are the two you need to worry about, because stepping within the Ravenii's immediate vicinity will trigger a number of attacks. But if you're in and out of there in a hurry, Gold armour won't pose much of a threat.

Thorn armour

If you don't take it out from the ground, Thorn armour is going to give you a lot of trouble once it's time to scale the otherworldly beast. As its name suggests, the protection comes covered in thorns which will deal damage if you happen to come into contact with them. Because of this, Thorn armour is one of your biggest priorities. A certain plate of the armour, usually located on the outside of the foot, is where you'll want to aim your attacks, and hitting that certain spot twice will sabotage the safeguard.

Spiked armour

Spiked armour cannot be damaged by any of your attacks, and so you'll have to rely on the Ravenii to do the work for you. Triggering an attack from the limb that the armour is located on will begin to bruise the barrier, and doing this twice sets up the chance to deliver an eradicating attack from yourself. To trigger the initial attacks, you'll want to bait them out by aggravating the Ravenii just in front of its feet. Run around it and attack it, and eventually the potential blows will come.

Extinction - How to Deal With Every Piece of Ravenii Armour 3

Bone armour

Bone armour works in a very similar to its Spiked counterpart, but instead you'll be working to extinguish a flaming skull atop the armour and then attacking it once the fire goes out. You can quench the flames by once again baiting out attacks, but the mechanics feels a little finicky. It may take you multiple tries to deal with this type of armour.

Bright Steel armour

Bright Steel armour is indestructible, meaning no single attack to any part can even leave a scratch. Because of this, you're going to have to find different ways of landing a rune strike. Refer to our tips and tricks guide for a useful method of taking down a Ravenii coated in Bright Steel armour.

Have you found another way of dealing with a certain piece of Ravenii armour? Share your walkthrough in the comments below.