Detroit Become Human Demo PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Detroit: Become Human, the anticipated narrative adventure from Quantic Dream, has received a demo – but at the time of typing it’s only available in New Zealand. The free 3GB sampler allows you to play through the rooftop sequence which has appeared at various conventions and conferences over the past few years. Your task is to talk down an android who’s kidnapped a small girl and is dangling her precariously over the edge of a skyscraper.

There’s no word on when this will be available in other regions, but it stands to reason that it should drop when the PlayStation Store updates later this week. There is a preview embargo about to lift, so with God of War out of the way it looks like Sony’s about to switch its attention to David Cage’s latest. We’ll let you know when the demo arrives in more regions.

Update (15:45 BST): Sony has confirmed that Detroit: Become Human has gone gold, and its demo will launch tomorrow (24th April) around the world.

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