Tilt Brush was one of the early virtual reality highlights, allowing you to “paint” within a three-dimensional canvas. CoolPaintrVR aims to bring a similar experience to PlayStation VR, and while it is limited by Sony’s technology, it’s still a decent option if you’re looking for something artistic on the PlayStation 4.

This is less a game and more a piece of software, as you use the PlayStation Move to paint and place objects. Motion tracking isn’t always PlayStation VR’s strong point, but its millimetre perfect here, allowing you to draw with real precision. The controls can be a teensy bit cumbersome as you toggle between paint and editing options, but it gets the job done.

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Painting in a virtual 3D space is definitely impressive; the addition of the z-axis means that you can add depth to your drawings, so it’s a different kind of experience to painting on a canvas. You can also place objects in the world like spheres and pyramids, while tubes can be used for modelling and even effects like fire can be added to your scene.

It’s nowhere near as deep as Tilt Brush, and the PlayStation Camera’s limited field of view means that you don’t have quite the same freedom as you do with Google’s app. Moreover, because of the way the PlayStation Move controller functions, you’re largely limited to painting everything in front of you. This is all obviously unfortunate, but it’s not really the game’s fault.

Considering the boundaries it’s working within, then, it does a really good job. Our only real gripe is that there could be more options available; imagination, as the title likes to remind you, is the only limitation – but a greater array of brush types and effects could have allowed for the creation of even more visually arresting scenes.


CoolPaintrVR is a fine alternative to Tilt Brush for PlayStation VR, although the limitations of Sony’s technology mean that it never really hits the same highs. We would have appreciated a larger palette of objects and effects, but budding artists should find more than enough to make a masterpiece with here.