After a fairly lengthy stint in a public beta test, the PlayStation 4's latest major firmware, 5.50, is now ready and available to all in a mandatory download.

Weighing in at 459.9MB, the update introduces some nice new features. The headline addition is system wide supersampling, which basically means PS4 Pro-enhanced games will look even better on your 1080p televisions. The parental controls have been beefed up as well; you're now able to limit the amount of time your children can play, set acceptable hours so they can't play into the small hours, and lots more.

You can now customise your PS4's background with an image from a USB device, if you're so inclined. The library sees some enhancements, allowing you to better sort your games and apps. A new PlayStation Plus section will house your monthly freebie titles, and you can now hide games from the Purchased section, so those pesky betas and demos can stop tormenting you. Notifications can now be deleted, too, so you'll be able to get your PS4 nice and tidy.

Teams is a new social aspect found in Events that enables you to better organise yourself and your buddies for tournaments. If you have a Rocket League team, for example, and there's an official tournament coming up, you can enter your team via the PS4's new system, which then sends participants a notification when your match is about to start.

We've had a quick play around with firmware 5.50, but haven't been able to find any hidden features or little extras yet. If we do, we'll update this article to keep you in the know.

Are the features found in firmware update 5.50 to your liking, or were you expecting more? Get that download started in the comments below.

Update: Sony has detailed firmware update 5.50 in a new post on the PlayStation Blog.