The beta test for the next major PlayStation 4 firmware update is beginning to make its way to participants, and they've already found one or two juicy details.

While Sony is yet to officially confirm any specific features, it seems that the headline inclusion in this update will be system-wide supersampling. This basically means that, for PS4 Pro owners, the console will be able to give you super crisp pictures on standard high definition screens by shrinking down a 4K image.


This will be great news to those who own the souped-up console but are running it on a 1080p television.

One of the most often requested updates, the ability to change your PSN username, does not appear to be included in this update. However, there are some other, minor changes that have been discovered; you'll be able to hide items in the Library, meaning you can finally remove those pesky demos and betas from your list. You'll also be able to delete notifications, which should make keeping track of downloads that little bit easier.

We're sure that Sony will provide a blog post with some of 5.50's new features in due course. What do you make of these changes? Are you excited for supersampling? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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