Fortnite Anarchy Acres Treasure Map Location 1

If you're a Battle Pass holder in Fortnite, the weekly challenges provide you with a bunch of extra fun and plenty of extra rewards to boot. Complete the challenges, and you'll earn XP that goes towards your seasonal rewards as well. You really want to get those, as they contain exclusive items!

One of those challenges is finding the treasure map in Anarchy Acres, then following it to find the treasure. That's what we're tackling in this week's guide so strap yourself in and let's hop to it.

Where is the Anarchy Acres treasure map?

Anarchy Acres is located in the very north of the map, so make sure you land there, or somewhere nearby to undertake this challenge.

The map itself is in a large hay barn to the south of the area, on the left hand side wall if you enter from the front.

Fortnite Anarchy Acres Treasure Map Location 2

Where is the treasure in Junk Junction?

As our header suggests, you now have to head on over to Junk Junction to find the treasure. Head directly south of the 'N' in Junk and you'll find a bunch of rocks. This is where the treasure is located.

Collect the treasure and complete the match to take home this achievement.

Anything else I should know?

Two things. First, you don't actually need to find the treasure map first. You can just go straight to Junk Junction and follow our instructions to get the treasure.

The second is that you must complete that particular game of Fortnite to get the achievement. If you quit, you won't get it.