Chinese developed Devil May Cry title Lost Soul Aside went viral on YouTube before being hastily snapped up by Sony’s China Hero Project and entering full production. And on the basis of this PlayStation 4 Pro gameplay video, it’s really starting to come together now.

The video embedded above includes two playthroughs of the GDC demo: the first playthrough is helmed by a DualShockers scribe, the second by creator Yang Bing himself. With all due respect to the journalist capturing the footage, it’s the second clip you’re going to want to watch, as it shows off the full potential of the title’s thrilling combat system.

While the arena may look a little bland, the developer claims that this environment may not even be in the final release – it’s custom built to show off the title’s combat system above all else. There’s no word on a launch date for this just yet, but we can’t wait to see more.

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