Kingdom Come: Deliverance FAQ 1

Kingdom Come: Deliverance doesn't always give you the answer to its many quandaries. In fact, often you'll be sent on a task only to find an annoying stumbling block like you don't have a spade or lockpicks.

But fear not! We've rounded up all of your frequently asked questions into one place to help you. Feel free to ask us more in the comments below too, and we'll add the best ones in.

How do I find a spade in Kingdom Come?

The best place to find a spade, or indeed most useful items in Kingdom Come, is to visit a general trader. We don't mean those traders that stand by a stall in a street either. No, you want to find the trader that has a store. These guys stock pretty much everything aside from weapons and armour, and should be your go to place if you need anything useful.

However, if you're looking for a spade because you're performing a particular task in Skalitz, head to the butcher's shop, which is just off the main street to the left if you're facing away from the castle, to find one.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance FAQ 2

Where do I get lockpicks in Kingdom Come?

Much like spades, you can buy lockpicks from most general traders. These guys are usually located in the centre of a big town like Rattay, Talmberg, or Sasau.

Where are the skill trainers in Kingdom Come?

You can find a trainer for most of the skills in the game, and the place to look for them is very logical. Want to improve in alchemy? Visit an apothecary. Hunting? Visit a hunter. The type of skill you want to improve typically has an appropriate trainer in the location your most expect it.

The exception is the dark arts like stealth, pickpocketing, and lockpicking, as there's no real logical place to visit to train in these skills. Millers are your go to criminals for these sort of dealings though. They're always mixed up in shady dealings.

Where is Theresa in Kingdom Come?

It shouldn't be too hard to find Theresa in Kingdom Come, as she saves you and takes you back to her home right at the beginning of the game. Her home is in Rattay mill, and she's always there.

What do ancient maps do in Kingdom Come?

As you might expect, ancient maps lead you to treasure. They're usually very straightforward to follow as well, leading you directly from an outpost to a particular location. Just follow the map to find the treasure.

How do I save in Kingdom Come?

There are three ways to save in Kingdom Come: autosaving, sleeping in an owned or rented bed, or by drinking Saviour Schnapps. Autosaving typically happens when you reach a milestone in a main or side quest, and you can purchase Saviour Schnapps in taverns, alchemists, and general traders.

If you're so inclined, you can even make Saviour Schnapps yourself, using herbs readily available throughout the game. This will help boost your alchemy skill too.

Finally, it's pretty easy to find a bed you can sleep in and save. Most taverns let you sleep there for a mere two Groschen, and less if you're a decent haggler. Progressing in the main story also unlocks a few beds that you own as well, so sleep in them for free when you can.

Where is Ginger in Kingdom Come?

Finding Ginger is probably one of the most frustrating quests in Kingdom Come, so we feel your pain. The best way to find him once he's ran off is to talk to the Neuhof stablehand right by where the farmer was killed. He'll advise you to visit the local charcoal burners as that's who Ginger typically spent time with.

Then, it's just a case of following the river in the woods to the north west of Neuhof to find all of the charcoal burners and interrogating them until one of them gives you Ginger's location. After that, it's easy to find him.